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There are more combinations of interests within our community than there are colours of the rainbow.

Dating is a search for love and connection, no matter who you are or who you desire.

Your profile should clearly communicate the sparkling details that make you, YOU.

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What do YOU want?

Most of the dating world is oriented towards hetero-normative relationships, but that isn't who you are.


Toronto Dating Profiles does not define or limit our profiles to the hetero majority. We are open to the many beautiful connections you desire.

You are dating in a microcosm of the dating world, but it is still the dating world. Your profile needs to be authentic and genuine to reflect your best self.

All profiles on dating apps are meant to do the same thing. Entice and capture the attention of someone you are interested in meeting.


It doesn't matter who you are, you are still looking for your heart's desire. 


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Three different hands holding three different ice cream cones.

Ice cream anyone? With the people I love, I think about their personalities as ice cream flavours. You start with a base flavour and add tasty things.​ Salted caramel chocolate in a waffle bowl? Lemon vanilla bean with strawberry sauce? One scoop, two or three?​ Heterosexual dating has more people, so yes, there are more flavours of personalities in this larger dating world, but the flavours can be similar. (Caramel vanilla ribbon vs vanilla butterscotch ripple) The LGBTQ+ dating world contains some of the most unique flavours available. So it might be harder to find the flavour you like, but when you do find your flavour, it is irreplaceable!

Let's write a profile to find the flavour you desire”

Ruby xoxox


Rave Reviews


I could never trust another writer with keeping a secret and writing the 'alt' profile I wanted but Ruby nailed it.


Ruby created the sweetest profile and totally made it sound like me... only way better than if it was me.


She wrote a profile that was HOT and sexy! That's exactly what I wanted.

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