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Hi, I'm Ruby

Online dating is incredibly tough... unless you are effortlessly photogenic, a marketing genius and feel comfortable with shameless self-promotion.


For everyone else, Toronto Dating Profiles is here to help.

Your dating profile should clearly communicate your wants, needs and desires in a healthy, positive way.



A well-written profile catches the interest of the people you want to meet. It will connect you with more people, and most important, it will connect you with the person you want to meet.


On a personal note, I almost swiped left on my partner, but stopped and took a minute to read their profile. Their intelligence, honesty and life accomplishments shone through in a way that I didn't see at first glance.


I would not be in the happy, loving relationship I am in today if it were not for my partner's articulate, well-written dating profile.

I'll work with you to write a dating profile that reflects your best qualities and interests so you can attract the person you are looking for.

Contact Toronto Dating Profiles today if you want to start connecting online with the person you desire.

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