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Dating Profile Tips

Ever wonder what to include in a dating profile? 

Here is some good advice.


Stay Positive

If there is one overarching theme to all great dating profiles, it's that they are positive.


Remember the advice you were given in kindergarten: if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Turn every negative statement on your profile to something positive. Negativity turns away the best people and doesn't do anything to deter the worst people.

Use paragraphs, punctuation and spell check

Writing full sentences, using punctuation and double checking your spelling sends a message. It shows you are making an effort to make a good impression.

Creating a profile that's riddled with errors is the equivalent of showing up to a date in dirty, smelly clothes.

Sure people should only judge you by what you say in your profile, not how you say it...but if your first IRL impression of your date was stinky and dirty, would you stick around and get to know what's inside? 

Be Honest

Your dating profile is the start of a relationship with the person you desire. Don't start the relationship with lies - even little white ones. 

Don't lie about your age, income or interests (the 3 most common lies on dating apps).

The only caveat...your username does not have to be your real name. Keeping a bit of distance between your dating profile and your professional life is understandable.


but with less I

Do you get the impression everyone on dating apps is self-centered? It's because most people use WAY TOO MANY "I" statements.

I like to travel

I think art is great

I want a nice partner

It's pretty much guaranteed that you have created a profile that repetitively uses I statements. Ask friends to help edit sentences and paragraphs to tell your story. Go from I statements (above) to engaging content (below). 

Travelling is a passion, especially when I can spend time looking at art. Could you be the partner that travels with me? 


Make popular topics unique

Connect with someone by talking about popular topics like your favorite foods or vacation dreams. Try to make it unique by including an anecdote or an unusual twist on a popular topic.

For example, if you love to travel (and who doesn't???) include the next place you are planning on visiting (Scotland for me) and why (family history). 

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