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Your Dating Profile

Connects you on any app

Here at Toronto Dating Profiles we believe the information in your profile is the most important part of making a connection with the person you desire.


Your pictures are an instant yes or no.


But after the first 5 seconds, your profile should spark the desire to connect with you.


Your profile should be authentic, genuine, and clearly communicate what you want.


Toronto Dating profiles will create a custom profile for you to use on any dating site.


Read more about dating profiles for MEN, for WOMEN and for the LGBTQ+ community.




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Find out more on the best dating profiles


Why trust Toronto Dating Profiles?

Toronto Dating Profiles was created because so many people like you need help writing a profile that communicates who they are in a way that creates interest and excitement. 

You know how hard it is to write about yourself.

Dating profiles are not rocket science but sometimes it feels like you need an advanced degree to write a profile that will catch the attention of the person you desire.

Dating Profiles are our specialty. Combining the skills of a copywriter, a marketer and a matchmaker to write the right profile to connect you with more people to find the person you desire. 

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The desire for connection is stronger than ever


Together, let's create a profile to find the person you desire



A profile written by Toronto Dating Profiles writes about your best self. We'll hit that sweet spot - positive self-promotion that doesn't sound like self-promotion.

Your profile will be create using appropriate grammar to make you sound natural with terms like BFF, or WTF. And FFS we'll include emojis because even my grandma uses emojis. 


Most importantly, creating your custom dating profile involves talking to you about what you want. We get to know you with a confidential questionnaire and a personal interview.


It can be hard to articulate what you are looking for when you are writing your own profile. We'll listen to you and create a profile that creates more interest in connecting with you on your dating app.

Let's get going today!

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