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Get Lucky on Friday the 13th - Dating Advice Not Psychic Predictions

Why fear Friday the 13th? I say you should go out, have a blast and maybe end the night with a little magic in the bedroom.

However you want to spend this 'unlucky' day, go all in.

Want to give in to the myth that Friday the 13th is unlucky? Find a date that wants to hide from the night and plan on staying in and hiding from anything that could go wrong. And you could even make Lucky Charms Munch...who knew?

Want to plan some fun activities designed to help you increase your luck? Here are my suggestions.

Take a trip to Kensington Market and buy a lucky cat. There are so many choices and looking at all the different lucky cats while strolling around is a fun way to get to know someone.

Research a list of wishing fountains in Toronto and go throw some coins to see if your wish comes true. You can hit up one fountain or you can make a game of how many fountains you can wish in one evening.

Buy some lucky bamboo for yourself or for your date. What a way to really grab their attention with something long-lasting and lucky.

Have a drink and listen to some music at the Horseshoe Tavern.

You can look up a good luck bar, restaurant, supermarket, coffee shop or other places that have lucky names and make an evening of it. Visit as many places as you can or stay and soak up the luck while you are in one.

Fuzzy dice are a symbol of good luck. I don't think I could drive with the distraction of having them hanging from my rearview mirror but I could be persuaded to roll them while playing a game. That seems like a fun way to get lucky.

You can plan a fun time on Friday the 13th and maybe you'll think of it as a lucky day, if you play your cards right.

I colorful sign that says Get Lucky
Friday the 13th unlucky? I say make your own luck!


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