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Dating Apps And Blind Dates - Yes Please!

I bet you are thinking that this is going to be an article trashing blind dates and getting set up with a friend of a friend of a friend. You are so wrong!

Making hard rules on HOW you meet someone seems like a self-sabotaging strategy. I see it as the opposite of being open to meeting someone.

Does HOW you meet someone matter? What matters is that you are meeting someone who is caring, respectful, and open to meeting you. You are looking to meet someone and whether it's through friends, a dating app or a random person you struck up a conversation and connected.

In many ways, when you are set up with someone it can be better than meeting through a dating app. You have people in common, things to chat about and both of you can get feedback through the grapevine about what went right (or wrong) along the way.

Dating for fun? Dating for love? 30's, 40's, or 50+ doesn't matter. Meeting through mutual friends is such a great opportunity. But I wouldn't count on meeting someone only through friends or your greater social circle. Why?

Your dating profile and the people you meet through your dating app are important to your dating journey. When you write your profile and answer questions, you have a chance to think about what you want. AND you have the chance to clearly state the amazing things that make you, YOU!

I believe going on dates with people you meet through your dating app lets you clarify what you are looking for and what you are not. All of the activities that come with dating are learned skills. Small talk, flirty messages, when to end a date, when to ask for another one...all learned skills.

Some people are better at these things than others, but we all have the opportunity to learn life lessons from dating apps and IRL dates.

Don't make rules just to have rules about dating. Think about what you want and stick with behaviors that align with what you want. Be honest, kind, and respectful then look forward to the good that will come to you from everywhere.

Woman being held back by a blindfold
Don't be held back. Say YES to Blind Dates and Dating Apps



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