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Hey Beautiful!

Dating Profiles for Women to Attract Men

Whether it's too much attention or not enough, you want quality connections to unlock your heart.

If your profile isn't reaching the men you want, let's create one that does.

Your profile can guide the right man to you. Toronto Dating Profiles can write all the fabulous things that should be in your profile...and it won't sound self-centred or like you moonlight as a dominatrix. Promise!

Book an appointment today, or read more below about some dilemmas women face creating a dating profile.



Woman and man on a blanket having a picnic in a meadow toasting each other with wine in a paper cup. They are happy and looking at each other.picnic

Start your profile today

Hey beautiful, who do you want?

You want to connect with the man who is right for you!

But first, let's talk about the fact that women do not self-promote well.

Most women don't talk about the amazing, cool, interesting fun people they are, preferring to play it safe, hoping your Prince Charming will notice.

Couple holding hands. All four hands are intertwined.

Together let's write a profile to find the man you desire”

Ruby xoxox

Toronto Dating Profiles will create your unique profile to captivate the interest of the right man for you.

If you have attractive pictures, you are still going to get a bunch of crap messages from guys who won't look at your profile. But with a profile that clearly communicates who you are and what you are looking for, you will receive more messages from guys who are interested in quality, not quantity.

Your custom profile will stand out and help you connect with the man you'll desire forever.

Rave Reviews


I wrote a profile that was totally about what I didn't want. After talking to Ruby I got a profile that was clear and fun and now I've been getting more interesting intros."


I wasn't getting any attention so I rewrote my profile and made it sexy then I got too many creepy intros. Ruby created a profile and I like the messages I'm getting now


I didn't even know how to get started and writing about myself seemed impossible. Ruby was so warm when she helped me.

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