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Date Like You're A Rolling Stone - You Can Date at Any Age

The iconic band is releasing a new album 17 years after the last album and over 60 years after having formed as a band. They've created a wildly anticipated album full of new music. The Rolling Stones both evolved and created something new and essentially 'them'.

You may not feel as indestructible as Keith Richards (79) or as legendary as Mick Jagger (80), but if you want to date again, go for it. Don't let age or length of time between dates stop you. You've done a lot in your lifetime. If you want to start dating, no matter what your age or past history, don't let anyone tell you that you can't.

I have no insider knowledge of the Rolling Stones. I'm a fan, love their music, and have read some biographies. What I imagine to be true about Keith and Mick - to this day they are still fucking more often and better than most people do in their lifetimes.

Who makes you think about the phrase 'sex, drugs and rock n roll' more than the Rolling Stones? Arguably the GOAT of Rock, they embodied the lifestyle for their lifetimes.

They had the vitality to create a new album from multiple locations around the world, collaborate with some of the most legendary musicians on the planet and manage the business of one of the most recognized bands and brands in the world. I don't believe for a second that they were not rocking between the sheets the entire time.

You want to find someone to rock your world? Find them! Go out on dates, meet people, find the sexual partner that rocks your world, whatever your age, whatever your past relationship history.

If Mick Jagger can be a sex symbol for 60 years, you can get some satisfaction.

Don't approach risk-taking with the same gusto as Keith Richards. Nobody (Keith included) has any idea how he is still alive.

Dating and dating apps might feel dangerous and risky, but with sensible safety precautions, you can meet new people no matter what your age.

It doesn't matter if you are 20 or 80, if you have bucket list items you want to do in your lifetime, do what you need to do to cross them off. If you've been procrastinating on dating because you think you are 'too old' or it's been 'too long', seriously, if the Stones can do it, so can you!

You can book a free 20-minute consultation, 😜 satisfaction guaranteed!

Happy older man and woman embracing.
Probably younger than Mick or Keith



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