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Headlines and Profiles Go Together like PB&J

At Toronto Dating Profiles we understand the importance of your dating profile It is the first step in creating a relationship with the person you want to meet. Having an outstanding headline/opening line in your dating profile creates interest in reading more about you.

Your headline should grab attention and make them want to learn more about you. Here are some dating profile headline ideas and examples from popular dating apps so that you can create your own headline.

Before we dive into some headline ideas, let's talk about what makes a good headline. A good headline should be high-impact, say something about you, be honest and authentic, as well as positive and upbeat.

If you have not read Toronto Dating Profile's 'How-To Create an Outstanding Dating Profile' please download our free guide..

In the guide we talk about the importance of a High Impact Introduction. Your headline, which can also be your first paragraph or opening line, depending on which app you use, should make people want to click on your profile and learn more about you.

Your high impact introduction should be unique and specific to your interests/personality so you stand out from other profiles. Your headline should give people an idea of who you are and what you're interested in and be very attention-grabbing.

Here are some that you might consider modifying for yourself

Classic cute

  • "Swipe right if you're looking for a partner in crime"

  • "Let's create our own rom-com"

  • "I put the 'fun' in 'funky'"

Hopeless romantic,

  • "Looking for my happily ever after"

  • "Soulmate searching"

  • "Hopelessly romantic seeks someone to share sunsets with"

Sarcastic and eye-rolling

  • "I'm fluent in emoji"

  • "Just your average Renaissance fair enthusiast"

  • "Professional napper and Netflix binger"

If you want to get specific about some high-impact intro's that have worked on the different dating apps, here are some examples to think about. Personalizing these will make them way better!


  • "Wine lover, dance enthusiast, hopeless romantic"

  • "Don't judge me based on my Netflix history"

  • "Swipe right if you like dogs and dad jokes"


  • "Let's make some memories"

  • "Future dog mom"

  • "I'm a sucker for a good pun"


  • "Will never say no to sushi"

  • "Wanderlust and wine are my two favorite things"

  • "Looking for someone to share tacos with"


  • "Vegan, dog mom, bibliophile"

  • "I'm all about good vibes and good food"

  • "Looking for someone to share adventures with"


  • "Life is too short to not take chances"

  • "Let's see where this goes"

  • "Chasing dreams and taking names"

Plenty of Fish (POF):

  • "Just a small-town girl looking for a partner in crime"

  • "Wanderlust and adventure seeker"

  • "I'm all about good vibes and good company"

Your dating profile headline is an important part of your online dating profile. It's the first thing people see and it can stop the left-swipes, especially by people who are looking for your personality type.

Try to use these dating profile headline ideas and examples from popular dating apps as a starting point to create your own headline, authentic to you. One that will make you stand out and attract the your heart's desire. Remember to be honest, authentic, and positive, and to showcase your unique personality in your headline.

Download our free guide 'How to Write An Outstanding Dating Profile' to write a better profile or talk to us! You can book a free 20 minute consultation to see what service is right for you.



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