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Hi, I'm Ruby

This business was derailed by the pandemic, as so much of our lives were. Over the last 2+ pandemic years much has changed in the dating world. We all evaluated what we were doing and changed things - sometimes in response to our fears, sometimes in response to our needs. But what has never changed, and what never will change is our need for connection, for touch, to be seen and heard by another person and ultimately to be loved.

How I dated pre-pandemic was different than how I dated during the pandemic. And now, I'm not dating, having found the person I want to spend my life with.

All of these experiences brought me here, to this business and to you. I fully and completely believe that dating profiles are an essential part of finding another person to connect with. It worked for me and I know it works for you too. Let me help you create a profile that shows others your personality, so you can meet the person you desire.



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