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How to Painlessly Start Writing YOUR Dating Profile in 5 Minutes

Do you struggle with how to write the first paragraph of your dating profile to get people to read your whole profile and match with you?

On your dating app your dating profile is your first impression. People look at your photos first, but then what?

You need to capture the attention of someone with a well-written introduction that really stands out.

The first paragraph of your profile can make the difference between someone scrolling past or getting to know you more.

In this post, I'll share tips for writing an outstanding first paragraph that will make people stop and read your whole profile.

Aaaaaargh Matey, you need a Hook

Your first sentence should be a hook that grabs attention so your match will want to keep reading. Some people start with a joke (be careful!), a question, a statement that's provocative or mysterious, or anything else that makes them curious about who you are.

If you don't have anything interesting then go with a joke, but if you can think of something you did that's very interesting, then definitely go with that. Examples include:

  • I've walked on fire and swam with sharks

  • This one time at my buddy's bachelor party...

  • People pay to come to my office downtown, for real! Ask me where I work ;)

Hey Pinnochio...

In everything you write, be honest and authentic. Your first paragraph is a chance to show off your personality and let people get to know the real you. Don't try to be someone you're not and let your true self shine through.

  • Share a personal anecdote that shows your personality or interests.

  • Don't exaggerate or make things up.

  • Avoid using generic phrases such as "I love to have fun" or "I'm looking for my soulmate."

First Place goes to...

Your first paragraph is also an opportunity to highlight your best qualities. Think about what sets you apart from others and what makes you unique. What do you want to connect with someone about? Do you love cinema and want someone who appreciates your knowledge? Do you want a workout partner or someone who loves to eat the food you are great at cooking? For this sentence, be:

  • Specific and concrete.

  • Focus on the passions and interests you want to connect with someone.

  • Use positive language and avoid being too self-promoting.


Try to always use positive language in your profile. Negativity turns people off. Instead of focusing on what you don't want or like, focus on what you do want and like. If you can, use words that convey a sense of excitement and enthusiasm.

Paragraphs should only be 3-4 sentences, depending on how long or short the sentences are, Don't include unnecessary information because if it's too long you'll lose the other person's interest.

After you've written your first paragraph, make sure to proofread it carefully. Typos and grammatical errors can be a turn-off and make you appear careless or uninterested.

Your first paragraph is a crucial part of your dating profile. It's your chance to make a great first impression and get people to read the rest of your profile. By following these tips and being authentic, positive, and concise, you can create an outstanding profile that connects you with the person you desire.



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