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How-To Write Your Online Dating Profile

Here are the five steps you need to follow when you are writing your online dating profile.

Step 1: Create a high-impact introduction that is one paragraph long which creates interest in reading your profile further.

Step 2: Write 3-5 things that are the most interesting things about you as related to the type of person you want to meet. These are things, like where you live, the type of relationship you want, employment, kids, pets, etc. Very briefly note any things that are non-negotiable, This has to be brief and include a reason, otherwise you risk being seen as overly negative.

Step 3: Here is a chance to write more about who you are. The things you love, your friends, family etc. This should be one paragraph or two short paragraphs at the most. This will take a few tries to get it right but you can do it!

Step 4: Now take the things that are important to you and write about what you would like to find in another person. Keep it positive and high-level but unique to you.

Step 5: Wrap up your profile with an interesting statement and call to action. My personal tip - include a promise that if someone has read to the end and replied politely with an interesting response, you'll reply back. And do it! Even if it's no thanks, it only takes 10 seconds to be polite.

Before you post it on your dating app, take some time to have a friend read your profile. We can all use a second opinion on how things are worded and they might be able to help you talk about yourself in a more appealing way.

Still having trouble writing your profile,? Book a 20-minute consult with Toronto Dating Profiles. Finding the right person is harder than ever. We're here for you!

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