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Your weekend plans

It's Friday and in Toronto this weekend there are so many fun and interesting things to do on a first date. Whether you are here in Toronto, the GTHA or anywhere around the world, if you don't have interesting dating plans this weekend, please be in touch about how I can help.

While you are looking for the person you desire, I highly encourage you to spend time with yourself being the person you want to be. Your perfect weekend plans might be to spend the weekend with friends in the city at bars, resto's or just hanging out. Maybe you want to go hiking/biking/running, (while avoiding Lakeshore like the plague because the Indy is in town) or perhaps you need to spend time catching up on the typical weekend things like laundry.

Whatever activities you choose this weekend, take a moment to appreciate who you are and all you have accomplished. Congratulate yourself on living life well and know that the person you desire is close. You'll find them, and hopefully enjoy smelling the roses along the way.



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